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Dark Souls 3 FPS Drop? Here’s How To Fix

Dark soul 3 FPS drop

Like various other games on the internet, Dark Souls 3 also has some glitches and stuttering. These lags may create some hassle at times. However, the player may face FPS drops, stuttering, unwanted error, and blocks. But the most encountered problem by the fans is the Dark Souls 3 FPS drop

Well, if you are also facing such glitches, don’t worry because we are here with our magical resolving methods through which you can do a Dark Souls 3 FPS boost on your own. So, without much ado, let’s check the further article.

Dark soul 3 FPS drop

Why Dark Souls 3 FPS Drop?

When it comes to dealing with Dark souls 3 FPS drop fixes, you must understand the causes first to resolve the issue more rationally. Thus, in this section, we are going to check the reason why Dark souls 3 FPS drops. 

  1. ISP Quality
  2. Internet speed
  3. Less bandwidth
  4. Firewall settings
  5. Your location

6 Resolving Methods to Fix Dark souls 3 FPS Drop

If you want to resolve the issue of dark souls 3 FPS, then you can resolve the issue by easy methods. In the next section, we have enlisted the top 6 ways through which you can do dark souls 3 FPS boost. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the methods.

1. Use FPS Unlocker

This is the most basic and generic method you will ever come across while boosting FPS in Dark souls 3. FPS unlocker is quite an easier way to increase FPS. 

FPS Unlocker

So, let’s check how it works.

A large pool of people faces poor frame rates daily while playing with the character in an urban area or while rotating the camera frequently. And here’s when the game’s frame starts deteriorating. Things tend to become ruffled due to a diminished frame rate. Thus, here you need FPS Unlocker.

FPS Unlocker is a tool used to enhance the experience while playing any video game. Through the FPS unlocker, you can change default settings manually. This way, You can increase the FPS rate to 200 FPS and enjoy the delightful experience with a higher FPS rate. However, we have mentioned below the steps to download the FPS unlocker.

  1. Go to the official site of FPS unlocker.
  2. Download the latest version. 
  3. Install FPS unlocker and set up the .exe file.
  4. Now, to see it in-game, you will need to press Shift+F5. 
  5. Here, you can set whatever FPS rate you may want. 

2. Manage Your Task Manager

If you have unnecessary tasks in your task manager, you must end them to facilitate your Dark Souls 3 fps drop. However, by terminating the unnecessary task in the task manager, the computer will start to cool down and can perform competently to make your experience good. Let’s get into the steps to kill less critical tasks from the manager.

Manage Your Task Manager

  1. First, you need to open the task manager by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Esc. 
  2. Here, you can see the process tab. Click here for the programs you want to end.
  3. After selecting, click on the option coming end task.  

Here’s how you can manage your task bar easily. Now you have to check the game by restarting it. Whether the Dark Soul 3 30FPS drop improved or not. If not, don’t worry; there are other methods too in the further article; try them out as well. 

3. Delete Temporary Window Files

Unnecessary storage space can lead your computer to work slowly and be less responsive. Hence, the game starts to respond less and becomes choppy sometimes. Deleting some temporary files can help you to make your gaming experience more delightful. However, our system creates some window files while functioning. Moreover, these files are of no use. Thus, deleting them won’t affect your PC Anyway. Let’s check the steps to perform the deletion of necessary window files.

Delete Temporary Window Files

  1. Press the Window key & R together to trigger the run box.
  2. As the run box appears, type  %temp%  and click enter.
  3. Now, you can see the folder of temporary files. Delete them all. 
  4. Press Ctrl+A > Right Click and delete all of them.
  5. After doing so, Go to the recycle bin, Select all items and delete them.

Note: If you get a pop-up that says, “this action can be completed,” then check the box, delete the current file, and skip the dialogue box. 

After doing the above steps, you must be experiencing a good response from your computer during processing for new programs. Hence, you must check whether the game has improved or not.  

4. Upgrade Your DNS Settings

Changing the DNS settings can help you eliminate the problem of Dark Souls 3 30FPS drop. Sometimes, ISP servers work too slowly and need to be configured better for caching. Hence, you would need to change the DNS settings on your own. Here are some simple steps through which you can perform the new settings for DNS. However, we recommend you use google DNS.

Upgrade Your DNS Settings

  1. Press the Windows key + R on the keyboard.
  2. Type “Control” in the run box and click Enter to open Control Panel.
  3. Tap “Networks and internet.” then click “Network & sharing center.”
  4. Click connections and then on properties. (No matter if it is WI-fi, Ethernet, or others)
  5. Tap Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) & go to Properties.
  6. Now, You can change the DNS server by selecting “Use the following DNS server addresses:”  And type out the following in the appearing boxes.

For Your Preferred DNS server, type –

For your Alternate DNS server, type –

Now, check if the game Dark Souls starts being responsive or not. If it becomes okay, then continue playing. If not, then you must try other methods from our list.

5. Improve Internet connection

Improve Internet connection

One of the primary reasons for the Dark Souls 3 30 FPS drops is the slow internet connection so, you must improve your internet connectivity. Thus, you can perform the below-written methods to enhance your connectivity. 

Use a Wired Connection 

If you are playing an online game, you must choose a wired connection as it is known to be the most susceptible source of the internet. However, a wired connection is more consistent and preferable over a wireless connection. 

Update Network Drivers

You must upgrade your network drivers frequently. This way, you won’t face any latency while playing the game or doing other online stuff. An outdated network driver is one of the primary reasons why your game is lagging too much. Thus you must update network drivers, especially when you haven’t done this for a long time. 

6. Reduce Graphic Quality

Reducing graphic quality can help you improve the experience while playing the game, as a lower graphic rate will help you lower the game’s overall internet consumption. This way, you can manage everything more conveniently. Hence, don’t set any limit to the maximum. Just make it higher to experience more efficiently.


Dark Souls 3 is one of the most entertaining games in the world. But facing lags in it can be very annoying. Thus, you need to fix them all with simple tweaks and tricks. This lag comes due to Dark soul 3 FPS drops. However, we have covered all the possible fixes for you. Through these fixes, you can boost Dark Souls 3 FPS drops. In our opinion, the best way to enhance the FPS rate is the FPS Unlocker. You can download FPS Unlocker from the above-written steps. If you still have any queries, you can simply connect us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix my FPS in Dark Souls 3?

Ans. You can fix FPS in dark souls 3 with various easy methods. One of the best ways you can do so is through the online tool FPS unlocker. This tool will help you increase the FPS rate as per your computer demands and your entertainment level. You can download it with simple steps as follows.

  1. Go to the official page of FPS unlocker.
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Now, you just have to open the game and press shift + F5.
  4. Here you can manually change the rate.

Q2. Why is my FPS so low in Dark Souls 3?

Ans. If your FPS is low in Dark Souls 3, there can be various reasons for it. We have mentioned some of the possible reasons for it. You can check below.

  1. Inadequate bandwidth
  2. Slow internet connection
  3. ISP quality
  4. Your geographical location

Q3. Is Dark Souls 3 poorly optimized?

Ans. Yes, most of the users say that Dark souls 3 could be better optimized. Let’s check why people say so. One of the significant reasons why the FPS rate drops while playing is the VRAM (Video card memory). The recommended ram is 4 GB, but it is 2 GB in some areas. However, if you try to fix the issue using a perfect RAM card, you will not be able to fix the FPS dropping. This directly proves that the game is poorly optimized. 

Q4. Is Dark Souls 3 30FPS bad?

Ans. The average FPS rate for Dark Souls 3 is 60 FPS. Less than 60 FPS will be known as a slow rate which may create difficulty in playing the game. However, you can fix this with an online tool called FPS unlocker. Through this tool, you can fix the FPS rate by 200 FPS.



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