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Encounter OBS FPS Lag Issues With 5 Simplest Methods

obs fps drop fix

Struggling with FPS drop while streaming OBS? If you doubt your computer’s efficiency or the settings, then put a full stop to your confusion. As this won’t resolve your hassle but this guide will surely resolve every single query of yours. However, this time we are coming up with a guide that will tell you how to perform an OBS FPS drop fix specially researched by experts. So, let’s quickly dive into an ultimate guide to have a delightful experience of OBS FPS lag-free streaming.

Why Does My FPS Drop While Streaming OBS?

FPS drop while streaming OBS

Knowing the reasons and the root causes can help you better in resolving the issue. Thus, one of the most important things that one should know before getting into fixes is why obs fps lag? and Why is my fps so low? Well, there are various reasons for it that we have listed below. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Wi-fi Streaming: If you are streaming OBS via Wi-fi, then the OBS FPS lag is more likely to happen. Wi-fi isn’t meant to be a preferred internet connection for consistent internet. Thus it may create a cause in making you connected with the server. Hence, you may be facing an obs fps drop issue.
  2. Increased Bitrate: If your bandwidth is low and your bitrate is high then the issue is more likely to occur. This is the most common reason for the lag. This issue is likely to occur when your bandwidth and bitrate can’t maintain the same level match. And a slight spike in the bitrate will lead to OBS stuttering.
  3. Higher Resolution: Higher resolution can lead your FPS to drop. Generally, Higher resolution wants a higher CPU usage of CPU. This way, your CPU will start to perform less, and FPS drops. Thus, you will need to low down the resolution for better performance.
  4. Wrong Server: Geographical location plays a very important role whenever you stream anything live. However, you can broadcast with a number of servers from your area, and even with the help of a VPN, you can stream with other locations as well. But a near server from your actual location will help you to stream without lags.
  5. Firewall Settings: A tight firewall setting will lead to lags as your game won’t be able to perform to its full potential. However, sometimes Firewalls block the RTML and make the outbound port inaccessible

5 Techniques To Eliminate OBS FPS Lag

After knowing the causes, you must be able to figure out what your system lacks and what you need to fix. Hence, the further section is for you where you can see all the tested & trusted methods. That you need to perform on your PC for better gaming and streaming experience. 

1. Upgrade Drivers

Upgrade Drivers

One of the most effective methods that indeed works to obs fps drop fix. Thus, you will need to perform the following steps. Outdated drivers always help to make a PC’s overall performance excellent and efficient. Although, you should always upgrade your drivers timely to make the computer up to date.  So, let’s check the following steps to update drivers. 

  1. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the Run box to open the device manager.
  2.  Click enter to step further. 
  3. Here, you can see all the connected devices to your PC. Start with the Audio devices.
  4. Click on the audio device, and here you can see the name of the device.
  5. Right-click on the device here, and you can see the update driver option. Click on it.
  6. Now, a prompt will come up where you need to select the automatic mode.  

Selecting automatic mode is a more convenient option than the other ones. Hence, we have advised you to select this. However, you must do the same steps with other connected devices as well. After doing all the relevant upgrades, you must check the game by re-launching it. Hoping this way you can fix OBS fps lag. Moreover, you can use this method in other OBS lags, such as Fallout 4 FPS. 

2. Try To Lower The Bitrate

As we have mentioned above in the causes that a higher Bitrate will lead you to the issue of lags as they are not able to maintain the same level of bandwidth and bitrate, which creates bitrate to strike and lead you to the problems of stuttering, and FPS drops. However, we can avoid this problem by reducing the bitrate. Let’s check the steps below through which we can perform the OBS FPS drop fix.

  1. Open OBS studio.
  2. Now, check the upper left corner. Here, you can see an option to open files. 
  3. Click on settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. From the left sidebar, click on settings.
  5. Here, you can locate the bitrate option where you will need to reduce it for better performance of the OBS. Click ‘ok’ to save changes.

Now, you have updated the bitrate setting, ended the process, and checked the streaming. If you are able to stream well, then it means you have fixed the issue. If not, then no need to worry. Just hop on the next method in the list. 

3. Update the Windows

Update the Windows

Outdated windows are the root cause of every technical glitch happening in your computer. If your system faces frequent lags in programming any software, not only limited to video games. Then it is a sign that your system’s windows need an update. Thus, you need to update your Windows for the overall better performance of your PC. Confused about how to do so? Check below to get the easy steps to update Windows. But first, you need to check whether your system needs an update or not.

  1. Go to the system settings on your computer and click the update and security option.
  2. Now, click Windows update. Here another screen comes in front of you.
  3. Here you need to check whether you need an update or not. Click on the update option.
  4. Follow the on-screen wizard. If there are any updates available for your PC, then install them. 

Hope, this way, your PC and the OBS started running well. Check it by relaunching your streaming experience. Has it started working well or not? 

4. End Conflicting Software

End Conflicting Software

Conflicting software is that software that can not run on your PC simultaneously. This happens when both software demands the same resource from your Computer and your computer is not able to deliver the same. Hence, your system starts to show lags. It usually happens due to a programming bug present in your computer. So. Let’s know how to end them in easy and quick steps.

  1. In the Run window, type ‘MSConfig’ and tap Enter. 
  2. Now, another screen will open in front of you. Here you need to click on the service tab.
  3. Select all the bars coming on the screen, as these are the programs that are running on your computer. And make sure you click end to end all the tasks.
  4. Click on the task manager tab and end all tasks here as well. Similarly, first, select all the bars, and after selecting, end them all. 

This way, you can manage every other function of your PC. However, you must restart your computer after doing the above steps for efficient and better results.  Also, if you are facing any other issue related to it such as Warzone FPS drop you can use this method in that game too. 

5. Upgrade the Internet Connection

FPS drop while streaming OBS try Upgrading Internet Connection

Internet connection plays a vital role in streaming anything.  If your FPS drops while streaming OBS, then the primary reason for it is the internet. Hence, you must establish a good quality internet connection. You can keep the following things in mind or through the following thing you can check whether your connection is perfect for OBS streaming or not.

  1. It should not be a wi-fi connection as wifi connections are inconsistent and create lags in between the streaming. Thus, in order to avoid FPS lags, one must avoid a Wi-fi connection.
  2. Using a wired connection can help you to stream with better quality and experience. A wired connection is very continuous and consistent. Through a wired connection, you can stream anything without any latency and buffering. So, it is advised to use a wired connection for a better streaming experience.
  3. You must check your network drivers. Updated network drivers can provide you with better performance of your overall PC. An outdated network driver will slow down the efficiency of your PC. Thus, you need to update your network drivers timely.


People usually stream to remove the stress from their heads, but what if streaming starts giving stress? Yes, the problem of FPS drops while streaming OBS is one of the most common problems that every OBS user is facing nowadays. However, we have provided you with a guide that will help you to know the cause of FPS lags and drops. Thus, to eliminate the issue, you can use any of the above written 5 troubleshooting tricks for an obs fps drop fix. If one doesn’t work for you, then you can jump on the other and fix your problem. If you still have any queries and confusion running in your head, then you can connect us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does OBS drop frames while streaming?

Ans. Suppose your OBS frame drop while streaming it must be a problem with your PC. And you also need to fix it asap. It can happen because your system may be having a low internet connection, or maybe your CPU is facing overheating, which may be creating the problem. Hence, you must try to upgrade your PC.

Q2. How to reduce FPS drop while streaming?

Ans. If your FPS drops while streaming then you must try fixing your system’s requirements. One of the major things that you must perform to upgrade your setting, is driver upgradation. To do so, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Click the Windows logo key and X to trigger the device manager.
  2. After entering the device manager, click on the ‘Network connectors classification’ tab.
  3. Now, choose any device and right click on it, and select the updated driver. 

This way, you will be able to update your system’s drivers which will overall increase the efficiency of your streaming services. 

Q3. What bitrate for 1080p 60FPS?

Ans. 6000 Kbps is the suitable bitrate for 1080p and 60 FPS. You must set the limit of bitrate as per these ratios. You can simply adjust the bitrate in the settings at the OBS studio. 

Q4. Why do my FPs drop even with good internet?

Ans. If you have a good internet connection and are still facing a lack then it must be an issue with your system. Your system might be having a problem with storage and memory. Hence, you would need to maintain your memory or RAM to fix the dropping FPS issues. After the RAM fix, you must check whether the FPS has increased or not.

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