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How To Fix Overwatch FPS Drops, Random Stuttering and Other Glitches?

Since the release of Overwatch, users have been struggling not only against the enemies but the crashing issues, FPS drops, and unwanted stuttering. However, you no longer need to worry as we are coming up with 5 proven methods by technical experts and pro gamers. Thus, you can groove with the smooth and delightful experience of your favorite video game overwatch. So, let’s quickly face and eliminate overwatch fps drops with proven troubleshooters. Start reading for an ultimate gaming experience.


PCs Requirement For Lag-Free Overwatch

Before we get into the troubleshooting methods, we must know whether your PC is lacking a few requirements or the game is creating a hassle for you. Thus, one must check its system first. However, let’s check all the requirements that one must have in their system to fulfill the needs for overwatch.

  • Windows 10/8/7 at least 64-bit required.
  • Intel Core processor  i5-2300 2.8GHz 
  • A memory card of at least 8 GB is required 
  • At least 30 GB of free space
  • Graphics Memory: 2 GB

These are some common requirements that a system should fulfill for the smooth running of any game and fix overwatch random fps drops. All these requirements will help you with obs fps drop fix.   

5 Troubleshooters To Fix “Overwatch FPS Drops”

If you complete all the requirements from the above section, then it must be the problem with your system’s wear and tear that has been done over time. Thus you may need to perform some troubleshooting to make the best overwatch fps settings. Let’s dive into some of the best tactics that you can perform to fix the issue.

1. Repair Your Game Files 

Having corrupted files on your PC is likely to create crashing issues. However, corrupted files not only take up essential space in your storage but also creates some hassle and mess in playing any video game. Thus, you are required to delete these corrupted gaming files from your PC as soon as possible. To do so, you must follow the below written simple steps.

  1. You need to have this party software battle fit. You can download it from its original website.
  2. Now launch it and select the option coming to the next screen, “overwatch.”
  3. Click on options and select scan and repair.
  4. Follow all the coming on-screen wizards.

Now, relaunch your game overwatch and check whether the FPS has been boosted or not. You can jump on other methods if the issue of overwatch random fps drops still persists. 

2. Optimize Power Management Settings 

Might the power plan you have in your system be creating the problem? Thus, you will need to change your power plan. Suppose your system is running on balanced power or low power mode; then it will definitely gonna limit your gaming experience. This you will face lags and sudden FPS drops. To change that power setting, you will need to perform the following steps with your system.

  1. Open the run window and type out ‘powercfg.cpl’ to open the power settings tab.
  2. Click enter, and here you can see a new screen appears in front of you where you need to select an option for power management.
  3. Now, select the high-performance option even out of the default recommendation.

Optimize Power Management Settings 

After doing so, you will realize that overwatch random fps drops start fixing themselves. This way, you will get rid of the problem of “overwatch fps drops”, and your overall system will start working well. You may check the result by playing the game again. 

3. Software Conflicts

Software conflict is a problem that comes up when two software can not work at the same time. Thus, you just need to end one program for the smooth run of another program. It happens due to a programming bug. However, it is more frequent when both programs demand the same thing from the PC, such as memory and storage. Might there be another program running on your computer which also demands the same resource as Overwatch? Thus, Overwatch fps drop. To resolve this issue, let’s look at a few simple steps to perform the best overwatch fps settings.

  1. Click the Windows logo key + R to trigger the run window. 
  2. Type pout MSConfig in the typing bar, then click enter.
  3. Click on the service tab. And then there’s an option coming at the bottom left-hand side, ‘select all’ click on the box and enable changes. 
  4. Now, switch to the startup tab. And click on the task manager.
  5. Disable every start-up item and select the system configuration.
  6. Now, restart your device.

This way, you can manage the software conflict happening on your PC. However, if this method doesn’t work well on your game, then you must not worry. There are other methods too that you can try. Although, overwatch random fps drops 2019 were the year when the issue was too frequent. 

4. Upgrade Device Drivers

Outdated drivers can emerge with the issue of overwatch random fps drops. You just upgrade your drivers from time to time to have better performance on your PC. If you timely update your drivers, then the overall performance of your PC will be optimized not only this, you can perform obs fps drop fix too. Many users who were facing low FPS issues previously have examined that this way has brought them some fruitful outcomes. Thus, let’s dive into the easy steps to upgrade drivers.

upgrade Device Drivers

  1. In the Run window, type out ‘devmgmt.msc’ and hit Enter.
  2. Click enter to open the device manager.
  3. Now, there you can see all the devices connected to your PC. One by one, upgrade their drivers.
  4. Right-click on any device, and here you get an option to update the driver. Click on that.
  5. Now, a prompt will come up where you need to select the automatic mode. This way, your system will automatically search for the software. 

After doing all the relevant upgrades, you must re-launch your game and try to play it. Are you still facing any issues with the nasty frame rate? If so, then let’s bounce on to the next, and the ultimate way to get rid of overwatch fps drops.

5. Third-party Software “FPS Unlocker”

If none of the above methods has worked for you, then try this. It will likely help you as this software has been used widely around the globe to boost FPS in every kind of video game. You can boost wow show fps and obs fps, etc. This tool helps to boost the FPS rate. You can set the frame rate manually. Let’s see how one can download and use it.

  1. Download “FPS unlocker” from its official website, and make sure you download the latest version for a better experience.
  2. Make sure you already have the WinRar application to support the file, as it won’t open without this application.
  3. Now, you have to install it by launching it and following the onscreen wizards.
  4. After doing so, manage the FPS unlocker in the game. Launch your game.
  5. Press Shift + F5 and get simple access to the game. Here you can set the frame rate as per your limit of playing.


Playing video games comes with lots of amusement but also with some technical glitches, which is very difficult to tackle sometimes. However, Overwatch is one of the most popular games around the globe, but it has so many technical issues such as sudden crashes, low FPS, stuttering, etc. We have provided you with a detailed comprehension to resolve all these problems. Through the above proven and tested methods, you can fix overwatch random FPS drops. If you still have any confusion, then you may contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How to boost bad fps in overwatch?

Ans. If you are facing lots of trouble while playing overwatch, then you must sort it out with various methods. This is happening because your system has too many lags that you may need to clear out by cooling down your PC. You can delete unnecessary files and end conflicting running software.

Q2. How to get more fps in overwatch?

Ans. If you want to increase the frame rate, then you must prefer any other third-party software this way, you can manage to increase your game’s framerate more efficiently. The most trusted application for Boosting FPS is FPS Unlocker which you may try. Through this tool, you can set a frame limit of up to 200 frames per second which is more than enough and only can be controlled by pro players.

Q3. Why did my FPS decrease all of a sudden?

Ans. If your FPS decreases all of a sudden, then this is the issue with your PC. You must not match all the requirements as the game needs. You can check your system requirements from our article above. However, the other reason that may be affecting your system is the storage space. You may not have the proper storage space to conquer the game’s demand.

Q4. Why does Overwatch FPS drop in team fights?

Ans. This happens because the team is at the point where the games take too much from your PC. Thus, you need your PC’s resources the most. Because of a lack of resources, your game may suffer lags. So, you must work on your PC to reduce these lags.

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