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Get the Streamlabs FPS Drop Issue Resolved!! (5 Easy Ways to Know)

Streamlabs OBS FPS Drop

Do FPS drops plague your streaming experience and prevent you from providing the best entertainment possible? Have no fear! With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to fix Streamlabs FPS drop issue in no time. This complete guide provides detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot Streamlabs performance issues, optimize your system settings, enable advanced video card configurations, and identify potential hardware upgrades. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced streamer, this blog will get you up and running with smooth streaming for your viewers. Let’s jump into it and start improving your streams today.

What Causes Streamlabs OBS FPS Drop?

FPS drop while streaming StreamlabsOBS

StreamlabsOBS FPS drop happens due to a number of reasons and is most often caused by poor internet connection. But we can not let the lousy internet be responsible for frame drop. There are either reasons as well. Thus, we are coming up with other reasons as well. However, knowing the root cause will help you better resolve the matter. Thus, the first section we are coming up with is based on the causes for stream labs OBS FPS drop. Let’s check them out.

  1. Bitrate: The most common reason for the FPS drop is the unmatching bitrate and the video resolution. You will need to maintain a perfect ratio for it. However, the first user’s bitrate tries to find a balance between your video resolution. This could be the reason for the dropped frame rate but after a couple of minutes, the issue will resolve itself. If it doesn’t happen, then it is just the imbalance bitrate. For these tweaks, you will need to access settings and manually adjust the ratio.
  2. Video Resolution: Higher video resolution takes too much from your PC. This is why your FPS lags. However,  video resolution is essential in FPS and a good video resolution. Also, this allows you to have a smoother experience while playing any game or streaming any video. However, it mostly happens in fast-paced games.
  3. ISP: An excellent ISP and a good internet connection help to stream seamlessly without even facing the issue of any sort of lag and FPS drop. Thus, maintaining a good internet connection will give you access to play without any lag and FPS drop.
  4. Twitch Server: When you start streaming, the server automatically is set and creates a low FPS. You will need to change the server to have a better experience. Maybe your server is having a twitch issue, but changing and connecting it to a stable server can resolve the matter.

5 Techniques To Fix Streamlabs FPS Drop

To fix streamlabs obs fps drop, you just need to tweak some of your system settings and some of your application settings. Rest the streaming issue will resolve itself. There are various methods to resolve if your FPS drops while streaming StreamlabsOBS, but the thing is, which will suit best on your PC as the cause is unknown to you. But you can figure out the cause from the above section and resolve the matter from the below methods. Let’s check them out. 

1. Optimize Encoder Settings

When your system faces problems while streaming, it means you are having encoder issues that you need to resolve. If you are using default software usage then it would lead you to the maximum CPU usage. To resolve this problem, here are tricks that you need to perform in your Streamlabssettings.

Optimize Encoder Settings

  1. In the output settings, you will see an option for the encoder.
  2. Via default, it has been set to “Software (x264),” but you will need to change this.
  3. You can select high or advanced encoder settings from the drop-down menu. 

This way, you can stream a bit more conveniently, as this setting option will lessen the usage of your CPU. Thus, you can enjoy it more. Must check whether the Streamlabs FPS drop has improved or not.

2. Change Power Plan

The power plan that is set by default in your computer may be creating problems. A computer running on balanced power mode can limit the capabilities of your computer to stream seamlessly and without tweaks. Thus, you will need to make your settings more advanced. Try to run your PC in high-performance mode. No matter if you need to go against the recommended options. If you are confused about how to do so, then the following steps will help you optimize your power settings. Although, this method is also helpful in other games and problems, such as World of Warcraft FPS drops and WOW show FPS.

Type ‘‘powercfg.cpl’ Streamlabs FPS drop

  1. Trigger the run command by pressing the Windows logo key and R together. 
  2. Type ‘‘powercfg.cpl’ in the typing box and click enter to open power settings.
  3. Now, you need to choose by selecting advanced power performance. 
  4. And enter to save the changes you just made.

This way, you can change your power settings and improve the FPS drop issue in StreamlabsOBS. However, after performing the above steps, you must restart your PC to implement power settings efficiently. Moreover, you must check StreamlabsOBS FPS drop if it has improved or not.

3. Delete Temporary Files

If your computer space is unnecessarily filled up by unwanted files that create themselves in your computer, then your computer may start creating hassle while streaming. Thus, you would need to delete all these files from your temporary folder. Let’s check how to do it in the below steps. 

Delete Temporary Files

  1. Type ‘%temp%’ in the run windows command and click enter to get into the other screen.
  2. So you have entered the temporary folder. Now, Click Ctrl+A and select all files.
  3.  Here right click and delete all. 

This way, you can delete all your unnecessary files. However, you must know that these files are useless, so deleting them won’t cost you anyway. Thus, you can delete them without any fear of loss.  

4. Change DNS Settings

As we have listed above, the most common reason for FPS drop while streaming StreamlabsOBS is the lousy internet or twitchy servers. Thus, you must improve your internet connection, and we would like to advise you to go with the wired connection. However, changing the DNS setting can also bring you some fruitful results. But how can you optimize your DNS settings? Let’s check them below. Before we get into the steps to resolve Streamlabs FPS drop, you must know that you perform all this on google DNS. 

  1. Open the control panel on your computer.
  2. Click network and internet.
  3. Locate the network and sharing option coming on the screen.
  4. Click on connections irrespective of your type of internet connection. 
  5. Tap on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) and click on its property again.
  6. Here, you can set the DNS server as per your need. 

The Preferred DNS server, type

And the Alternate DNS server, type

After typing the above DNS settings, you must save the changes by following the on-screen wizards. Thus, after doing so, you will realize that the issue of FPS drop in StreamlabsOBS will start to improve.

5. Tweak Settings

Maybe your Streamlabs FPS drops due to the bad default settings in Streamlab. Thus, changing the settings will resolve the issue. If the setting in your Streamlab application is adjusted at a high rate, then this will create a hassle as it will take too many resources from your PC, and if your PC is unable to fulfill its requirements, then you will face the issue of streamlabs obs fps drop. However, the question that comes up here is about what setting you need to maintain. So let’s check them in the pointer below.

Tweak Settings Streamlabs FPS drop

  1. Base Canvas Resolution: You will need to change the canvas resolution first. You must fix it at 1280×720. This resolution will help you to stream with more smoothness. This ratio will allow you to stream at 1080p. It is not too low resolution that you won’t enjoy the steaming but at a reasonable rate. 
  2. Output Scaled Resolution: Similarly, the above scale is the best suited for the output scaled resolution too. You can put this a little lower this way; you can maximize your streaming experience. But you must not adjust less than  852x480p. Otherwise, the video quality will go to worse. 
  3. Downscale Filter: If you have maintained the above setting as per our guide, then you must select ‘Bicubic’ setting in the downscale filter. In this way, you will be able to stream with more efficiency.
  4. FPS Type: You must leave it to the common FPS type, but the value you need to select must be adjusted to 30. If you exceed the limit, you will face another lag instead of fixing the already ones. 


If your stream lab is creating problems, then don’t worry. You already got five troubleshooters, which will help you to eliminate the Streamlabs FPS drop issue. Thus, you can resolve and can make your Streamlab work smoother. If you still have any queries, then you can get back to us anytime.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How to fix fps drop Streamlabs?

You can simply fix the FPS by changing some settings in your Streamlab, as you can lower the video resolution. There are various other things that you can perform to let Streamlab work well in your system. However, one of the most important things that you must check before doing any resolving method is your internet connection. A good internet connection will help you to resolve the problem better.

Q2. Why does my stream fps drop Streamlabs?

There can be various reasons why your Streamlabs FPS dropped. Let’s check the reason in the below pointers.

  1. Lousy internet connection
  2. Tweaky servers.
  3. Bad ISP.
  4. Inappropriate settings of your game’s resolution such as bitrate, FPS scale, etc.

Q3. Can PU cause low FPS?

Yes, your CPU can cause low FPS. If your streaming is highly intensive to the CPU usage then the CPU can affect your streaming and most probably you will face StreamlabsOBS fps drop. However, you can perform an OBS FPS drop fix by just fixing your CPU usage. You can update your settings such as DNS and drivers.

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